The Wednesday Post – 6/17/20, delayed until 6/23/20

Sorry for anyone wanting to read the Wednesday Post. Had serious internet issues with accessing WordPress, but now everything is good. Here is last week’s post. (I will be posting tomorrow!!)


            I am writing this from my home in Warren County, NJ.  It has been an incredibly hectic few days for us.  We had to prepare our “part-time” home to suddenly become a full-time residence.  And we had to make space for all the “stuff” from the fulltime residence along with all the “stuff” from our part-timing living.  We are just now realizing what that convergence really means.

            This is being posted a little late.  Our furniture arrived yesterday morning, along with many, many boxes of stuff.  While my desk was in the position it is now, yesterday about 11:00, I couldn’t actually get to it because of all the “stuff” in front of it.  So it took a while to get things straightened out enough to be able to actually sit here and compose this post.

            Moving ain’t much fun.  I think most United Methodist Pastors, and their spouses can attest to that statement.  But we will get through it.  We had our first home-cooked meal this evening, (as opposed to ordering take-out from a restaurant.)  We have been living mostly on take-out for the past three or four days.  When you pack up all of the pots and pans, and all of the utensils used in cooking, it makes it really tough to prepare a meal.  And then there was the idea that we had spend most of the last two weeks trying to eat up all of the food we had in our refrigerator and freezer.  So when we arrived here, there literally wasn’t a whole lot to eat.  Sure we had cereal, but not a whole lot else.

            The moving truck left around 10:30 AM yesterday.  We have spend more than 24 hours in our home, as our only home, our only place of residence, and our only place to “be”.

            The last trip north from EHT to Warren County was a bit nostalgic.  We have been making this trip for the last 9 ½ years.  From Pitman, NJ, Dennisville NJ, and from EHT.  Every move took us a little farther away from our retirement home.  And now we will have no reason, except maybe occasional trips to see friends.  But the regular routine of driving up every 2 or 3 weeks is now in the past.  It means, for us, 6 hours of travel that we will no longer be doing.  A real change in our lives.

            I think that is what it means to grow.  To accept the changes, the new things that God brings us.  It isn’t that we are glad to give up our former things.  Saying good by to good friends is painful.  But if we are to continue our journey with God, continue to answer God’s call on our lives, things will change.  Things will be different.  Even our perspectives will change.  That is, I believe, a true sign of God working in us and on us. 

            I already miss so many friends from EHT.  But I know that I will have new friends, and I will strengthen my relationships with some existing friends who are now much nearer to us.

            Thank God for new things, no matter where in our lives they arise.


Pastor Peter  

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