The Wednesday Post


            My wife, Lori Jo, just returned from the Asbury UMC Cemetery where she banded five week-old bluebirds in one of our two bluebird houses.  I think she may put a picture of one banded bird in our weekly newsletter.  The birth of 5 bluebirds reminds me that life seems to be going on all around us.  The bluebirds don’t seem to recognize what is happening to their human neighbors. 

            In the past month, at least three people I know pretty well (most of them pastors) have gotten married.  Their choice was to wait until this whole COVID-19 passed into history, and then put on a big celebration, or get married with only a few people (less than 10!!) present.  All of them chose to get married during the pandemic.  And who can blame them? 

            And, yes, there are people passing on.  Around here, the ones I know of were not related to COVID-19.  They may have been unable to be with their loved ones if they were in a hospital or a nursing home. 

            A couple of people are struggling with their relationships, some are struggling mightily.

            Life goes on.  Even during a Pandemic.

            I think, for the most part, that is the good news.

            Life does go on.

            And our lives go on.  Our Church goes on, and our mission, to be the light of Christ in the world, needs to go on.

            Maybe not in exactly the same way, but it needs to go on.

            We can’t go over to Atlantic City and feed the homeless.  But we can donate to the Food Bank, and we can pray for them.  We can pray for those on the front lines in this “war” with a deadly virus. 

            One thing I miss is praying as a community.

            I miss lifting up those on our hearts, I miss hearing the stories of when we saw God, but mostly I miss communal prayer with all of you.  I have seen some of my colleagues going on line and praying.  For me, that is a little strange because if I post something like that on Facebook, I really don’t know when anyone will see it.

            This Wednesday Post will be available by 5:30 on Wednesday, May 13th.  But, some folks don’t have access to the digital version, and so will get the print version later, sometime towards the end of the week.

            I would like to try and set up a “meeting”, a time when we can connect digitally, or just on the phone, so we can all hear each other and communicate with each other, just to pray.  I will try to start our prayer time this Sunday afternoon.

            Look for the announcement.  I will call everyone who can’t connect digitally

                        And, yes, this thought came to me as I wrote this post.  Thanks God.

Blessings Pastor Peter

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