The Wednesday Post – 4/29/20


            This week I am on vacation.  I wasn’t going to take a vacation because of what is going on in the country, and the need to keep up with “virtual” worship.  But my Spiritual Director urged me to take the time off.  I realized that I am working just as hard, but just in different ways.  So Lori Jo and I put together a newsletter for this week, and we pre-recorded the worship service, and got Jim Baker to deliver the message.  Didn’t he do a great job??!!

            So… even taking a week off during this Pandemic is different.

            Of course, you may ask, where would we go on “vacation”!  For us, it is a kind of “stay-cation”, but we did have to drive nearly three hours to “stay” at our other home.  We are in Harmony, Warren County, NJ.  We had planned on doing some “fun” things this week.  But all State Parks are closed.  So is a recreational facility connected to the Merrill Creek Reservoir.  So, there was no place for us to go for a hike.  And the weather…. Let me tell you about the pretty lousy weather we had this week.  Lots of rain, and lots of cooler, or even cold, temperatures.  Not very inviting.  So, we ended up working on our house.  And there is, unfortunately, still lots of stuff to do.  Plus, the “regular” stuff, like mowing the acre of grass we have.  I have never been so cold mowing the lawn!!

            In between all that, we took a drive across the river, (the Delaware River is the western border of our township up here.)  What beautiful country.  There aren’t a whole lot of towns, or even hamlets.  Couple of bigger towns, but otherwise the countryside is pretty much farmland.  But it really is beautiful.  We went out on a rather gray day, but even then the grass was a deep green, some of the flowering trees were just coming out, and we drove and we drove. 

            We ended up having a pretty late lunch back in NJ.  We know a place, a very small place that sells hamburgers and ice cream with maybe 6 small tables inside.  I remembered the name of the place, and found it on the Web.  I ordered a couple of cheeseburgers and fries.  We picked them up on our way home.  (They now have a Pick-up window, that I don’t remember before.)  By the time we god home, I was starved.  A bit of confession – I eat maybe one hamburger a year.  Too much saturated fat.  But that cheeseburger (even more saturated fat) was soooo good.  Yes, and so were the fries (yeh, even more fat.)

            A drive in the country and a cheeseburger with fries.  Maybe not the most exciting part of what we used to think of as a vacation.  But for us, this vacation, something very special.  Maybe, when all of this Pandemic is history, just maybe we may all have a better appreciation of the small things in life.

            I do.


Pastor Peter  

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