The Wednesday Post – 4/22/20


            I was supposed to be in West Virginia doing what is called a 5-Day Academy for Spiritual Formation this week.  Then Lori Jo and I were going to take a week off, and spend time in West Virginia and western Pennsylvania.  I would have a vacation.  Of course, all of that is now canceled.  And I thought that I would need to be here every Sunday to make sure there is some sort of worship up on Facebook and Youtube. 

            Then I talked with my Spiritual Director and he urged me to take the time off anyway.  It is true, there is actually now more for me to do.  We are doing a newsletter that started after the Social Distancing began.  So, I will be taking a week off beginning the end of this week.  Which means I won’t be here on Sunday! 

            Jim Baker is filling in for me as the Preacher.  I am really happy to have Jim able to deliver a message.  It really isn’t much of a step beyond what he already does nearly every Sunday introducing the Old Testament lesson.  This gives Jim an opportunity to grow a little, and deliver a sermon for Sunday worship.  For me, it is a joy to see growth in leadership within Asbury.

            And that is what I want to concentrate on now.  Amid the anxiety, the mounting death toll in our state from the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is still joy. 

            I experienced joy when my family got together via computer to wish my 5-year-old granddaughter a Happy Birthday.  I got to see my 2-year-old grandson jumping around and rolling on the rug.  I also saw my much more “mature” almost 16-year-old granddaughter and 13-year-old grandson.  Oh, yeh, all my kids were there too!  What joy!  We should have done this years ago, but we didn’t.  It took this kind of social “lock-down” to enable us to realize what a gift we can get just by being able to see each other in real time.

            Other people seem to be finding relaxation in walking.  I have been walking my dog around my neighborhood for nearly 6 years.  Most of the time I might wave to a couple of people, and I have met the three other people who regularly walk their dogs.  In the last month I have met a bunch more people.  I am doing what I have always done, but they are out walking, either because they now work from home, or because they are no longer working.  There is always a down side.  But the up side is that I see more of my neighbors, and get to at least say “Hi” from a distance.

            Even when the clouds seem deep and dark, we can still find joy.  Maybe just in the little things.  There is joy to be found!  Go and look!


Pastor Peter  

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