The Wednesday Post – 4/15/20


            People are now talking about something called the “new normal”.  That describes how our lives will probably be changed by this Pandemic. 

            There may be some businesses that do not re-open.  Some of them may not survive being closed for so many weeks.  Our social interactions may still be limited for a while.  We really don’t know what the extend of the changes will be for us. 

            There are already some things changing, and some actually for the good.  Putting our Sunday services on Facebook and Youtube have brought people to our worship who would never have been able to join us.  One of my daughters texted me from Colorado last Sunday telling me that she and her daughter were sitting down to breakfast, and were watching our worship service.

            I have been encouraging them to seek out churches, but there were always reasons that it didn’t work out.  But now, they seem to be able to join in worship and feel comfortable.  Praise God!

            We are receiving at least 120 or more “views” on Facebook and maybe another 40 or more on Youtube.  It is difficult to determine exactly how much of the video people have watched, but even if it was only for a couple of minutes, we are engaging people in worship on Sunday in a way we never have before.  And that is a good thing!!

            There is still a great deal of uncertainty.  That sense of unease will not go away very quickly, even after we see we are on the down-hill portion of the curve about new cases and deaths.  As we spend time in the uncertainty, we can be assured of something that is certain.  God is with us.

            I see God’s spirit at work when I read about churches banding together to provide pizza for hospital staff, just to tell them we really appreciate what they are doing to help with this Pandemic.  I see God at work with the desire of so many people to help in any way they can.  Difficult times often times brings out the best in people.  And I thank God for that Spirit of cooperation and support.

            Let’s keep up the good work!


Pastor Peter  

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